Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels Types

Here We will know the different types of Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels .


11/19/20211 min read

Tanks or Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels has Three main types of containers . The First one is the Single Wall Type container , this type is called single wall tank because it has one layer of steel . Another definition for the single tank is that the inner layer is the same as the outer layer . Often we use this type of tanks as a storage tank but we can't put this type of tanks under temperature as there is another type of tanks are used for this specific purpose.
The Second type of tanks is the Double jacket tank . In most cases we use this type with three or four heaters to heat the liquid water or oil inside the jacket to increase the temperature of the product inside the tank that is touched to the inner layer which is touched the hot water or the oil from the other side. So in this type of tanks the tank has three layers ; the inner layer that has the biggest thickness to stand pressure (if existed) and temperature , the jacket middle layer and that layer should has big thickness also but little bit smaller than the inner layer and finally the third layer come then with a 2 mm thickness in most cases.
The Third type of tanks is the Dimple jacket tank . it is the same in function as the double jacket type as both types used to heat the product's temperature . The dimple type tank has a main difference in design and the way in heating the product . As it has no heaters to increase the temperature and there is no water or oil to be heated inside the dimple jacket . We use hot Steam came from outside channels in dimple type case to increase the temperature inside the dimple .